Scrittori per fare fumetti bestseller

Troublemaker Alessandro Cella ci segnala questo interessante articolo di Publihsers Weekly su come gli editori si rivolgano a scrittori di narrativa per creare fumetti di successo, bestseller, insomma. E’ un fenomeno statunitense o globale? Come si è sviluppato e quali sviluppi può avere?

“Over the past few years, as serious comics publishing takes root at traditional book publishers and as comics houses diversify their lists to attract a general readership, publishers are seeking out and working closely with popular prose novelists to turn their bestselling novels and prose stories into a wide range of derivative comics works. Publishers as diverse as Marvel, Tokyopop, Yen Press, and Del Rey Books are teaming well-known prose authors with artists and editors to create new graphic works that can generate impressive sales and…” Full article: click here.