Concorso: International Caricature Forum
Sub. 2nd International Caricature Forum, 19 March To 25 March þ2002, Dubai, U.A.E. On behalf of Al Bayan Press, Printing, Publishing and distribution Establishment, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, prompted by its interest in promoting human cultural, intellectual and artistic engagement among all  the world's Peoples. I have great pleasure in informing you that we are conducting the " 2nd  International Caricature Forum" from 19 to 25 March 2002, in Dubai U.A.E. The 1st forum was held from March 22 to 30, 2000 in Dubai for the first time in the Middle East, where more than 100 caricaturists from 30 countries across the world met in Dubai featured more than 500 works. Rules and conditions for the 2nd International Caricature Forum, 19 to 25 March 2002, Dubai, U.A.E. welcome all professional and mature caricaturists. Theme: Free . Artist can choose the theme and the subject of his works without prejudice to religion, traditions or the system of the country. All participated works should carry the artist's full CV, address including one recent photo. The 2nd of March,2002, is the deadline for receiving the original works going to be displayed. Size : each caricature should be no larger than A3 to A4 size, others can be displayed only. Computer's caricatures or that ones carry comments can be displayed only and will not going to participate in the competition. A total of three valuable prizes awarded by a prestigious international jury, plus the best caricature selected by the public will be granted. On the sidelines of the forum, guest artists will hold workshops, while others will address seminars discuss the censorship which bars the growth of caricature . Reproduce the caricatures for Al Bayan newspaper in works related to the caricature art. Entrants who violate the rules will be disqualified. There will be good offers on air tickets and accommodation for those who wish to attend the gathering personally, on condition that, the forum administration should be informed early on the following address:
2nd International Caricature forum
P.O. Box, 2710, Dubai, U.A.E
Tel: 009714 4064231 - Tel: 009714 4064306 - Fax: 009714 4064234.

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